February 25, 2007

Sunday Blog Round Up

Desert Beacon asks:

Question: Why is it when we're talking about expanding prisons that members of the Nevada GOP can't wait to sign on -- but talk about building schools, expanding school programs, or funding schools and not a one of them can find a pen with enough ink in it to sign on as a co-sponsor?
I found a new blog worth checking out. Check out BHFRK at Club Lefty out of Eugene, OR.

Coyote Angry is always worth a click. Check out her posts on the Fox debate kerfuffle here and here.

Nevada Mojo Rising points us to this McClatchy article about the misrepresentation of the number of terrorism prosectutions. (Clue: they aren't understating the numbers of prosecutions)
The Justice Department has routinely misrepresented the number of terrorism prosecutions, possibly undermining decision-making in the war on terrorism, an independent government audit has found.

The report, released Tuesday by the Justice Department's inspector general, concluded that the department in most cases "could not provide support for the numbers reported or could not identify the terrorism link used to classify statistics as terrorism-related."
Bubba has some Redneck humor for us over at No Safe Place.

Jack Wood at Nye Gateway basically tells Eric Odom to suck it up. Jack adds his two cents on the Fox debate. It's quite interesting how us rural folks aren't as concerned about the decision to partner with Fox for the August debate as our Democratic brothers and sisters in the more highly populated areas of the state are. Maybe it's because we deal with Rs every waking hour of the day and know that we need to be able to meet them on their turf?

Myrna the Minx proffers a potential solution for the Fox dustup.


Featheriver said...

Well, Eric Odom, bless him, needs to gain some perspective on the bad news Gibbons and other Republicans are getting in the news media.

Lord knows there's enough around to publish. The Republican Party, as I see it, are poor at governing. They look out for themselves, forgetting everyone else. They're always hustling a buck, never mind all the real people out here that can't afford health care, their kids aren't getting the quality of schooling that's needed, their tax dollars squandered all over the place.

Newspapers, TV and radio should be broadcasting those things.

Not Your Mama said...

That pretty much nails it, they don't get us rurals. Which they could get away with just fine...if they had enough votes to win the state. They don't.

Catch more flies with honey still applies.

bhfrik said...

Hey there... I was just checking out some new links from technocrati and saw you there. Thanks for the hat tip, it is very much appreciated.