February 18, 2007

Sunday morning blog round up

Desert Beacon (have I mentioned lately what a jewel of a blogger DB is?) comments on the state of veterans health care and "supporting" the troops.

I'm not sure what kind of nerve it takes to spout "Support the Troops" on the floor of the Senate or the back bumper of a vehicle, and then to tolerate for a New York Minute the lack of care and concern shown to returning veterans.
The Gleaner takes on Harry Reid's unapologetic stance on his war vote.

NevadaUpNorth reports on a poll over at NevadaToday showing Richardson a heavy favorite amongst those Nevadans taking part in the poll.

I am getting a bit worried about Jack over at Nye Gateway. He's usually a prolific blogger, but hasn't posted since Valentine's Day. I hope I just missed it that he's on vacation somewhere.

JWH at The Blog formerly known as "No Gibbons" asks a rhetorical question.

Sven at Nevada Caucus 2008 comments on the Rory Reid hire by the Clinton campaign and Coffee with Kucinich on Wednesday at 3pm (Comma Coffee in Carson City).

Nevada Mojo Rising calls for Jim Gibbons to resign. (what an embarrassment that man is for Nevada)

Scandalmonger does a nice round-up of the latest Gibbons brou-haha, touches on mercury emissions and blogs John Edwards.

I finally got around to reading Yukon Sully's 100 Things About Me post. Bubba has one too. I am not sure if I have the nerve (or the time) to come up with 100 Things About Me...but maybe I'll start working on it.

Update: Myrna the Minx has something to say about Obama skipping the Carson City forum and links to Taylor Marsh's post on the Obama "fly over." Says the minx:
I think its a big mistake and here’s why. Northern Nevada represents the kind of people and environment from which the idea of the Western Democrat originates, and Obama has got to appeal to those people to win the Democratic nomination. Westerners are going to remember those who came to meet them and those who didn’t. And anyone who knows us, knows we hold grudges. A two hour stop-over is all it would take for Obama to show us that he gets it–that he understands that he cannot win the nomination by catering to California and the midwest. Nevada along with the other western states is the new middle America and its a big mistake to show us this kind of disdain.

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