February 28, 2007

Supporting the troops

My buddy Glen McAdoo penned this piece for last Friday's Lahontan Valley News. Today he forwarded me an email he received in response:

This is one of the saddest things I've ever heard. I happen to be the mother of Marine Sgt. Ryan Groves who was quoted in this article. I lived in DC for 20 months with my wounded son. This is ONLY one small portion of the problems there. You have no idea what these young men and women go through on a daily basis. They are fighting a very ugly war and you would think that the ones who make it home would be treated with a little more respect when it comes to their care as inpatients and outpatients. It just sickens me what my son went through. There were times they threatened me with security because I spoke up and advocated for my son the way a mother should. They keep these men and women quiet with their beaurocratic threats. I spoke up for many of them because they couldn't because of their position. The Marines threatened to send me home more than once. At one point, I had to call my Congressman. It's a struggle just trying to get through the healing part of it. It just seems there's alot of unnecessary obstacles along the way.
Thank you for the article and your concern for our troops.
God Bless you.
Terri Hutson-Groves

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