March 28, 2007

Better Know a Candidate - End of the quarter emails

It's down to the wire for first quarter fundraising, so my inbox is full of pleas for funds. All of them remind us that the March 31st deadline for reporting is rapidly approaching and they all need to make a strong showing. If you've got a favorite candidate and you'd like to give him or her a shot in the arm, now's the time. If you haven't decided on anyone yet, check out each candidate's issues page and find out where they stand on issues close to your heart. Just like high school: Compare and Contrast.

Joe Biden's sister Valerie Biden Owens talks about the Bush administration's slashing of funds to the COPS program and discusses Biden's plan to restore 50,000 cops to the streets.

Tom Vilsack endorses Hillary Clinton, tells us he's going to be supporting her inthe Iowa caucus, and makes a plea for grassroots support of her campaign.

John Edwards reminds us of the issues he's been tackling during his campaign:

Together, we've led on the important issues facing America in this election. We've told Congress to stop the escalation and end the war in Iraq; we've introduced bold plans to reduce global poverty and help win the war against terrorism; and we're the only campaign to have laid out a detailed plan to bring universal health care to every man, woman and child in America.

And just last week, I announced my energy plan and called on America to begin taking aggressive action to stop global warming.
Today there are house parties all over the country for John Edwards. Click here for a location near you.

On Saturday, supporters of Barack Obama will be holding house parties all over the country. There's one in Fernley. Click here for details and to RSVP. (you may need to scroll down a bit...Obama's page is looking funny right now. Hopefully, they've got their tech people working on it.)

Bill Richardson's campaign has sent out a couple of emails in the last few days stressing his experience as governor, in Washington, and as a diplomat. Here's a sample:
Every time the Governor talks to new voters, someone says "I hadn't realized that Governor Richardson is so experienced -- we need someone with that record of accomplishments in the White House." Voters respond to candidates who can demonstrate what they have done, not just talk about what they might do.
Bill Richardson will be on The Daily Show tonight which will be a nice break from Dennis Miller's appearance last night. Miller leaves a real bad taste in my mouth.

I haven't heard from Chris Dodd (though his web site is using March Madness as a hook), Dennis Kucinich, or Mike Gravel in the last few days, but I suspect I will hear from the Dodd campaign shortly.


Not Your Mama said...

Ugh, no kidding about Miller. He's the poster boy for every pompous ass I've ever run into. The kind of guy that likes to shake a finger in peoples faces and tell them "I have the power 'round heah".

cls said...

What was so repulsive about him last night was that he started out by giving kudos to Jon about being even-handed in his skewering of politicians, and then Miller goes and spends his entire time doing Dem jokes. Horrible. Dude, listen to yourself. Jon's balanced. YOU are not.