March 9, 2007

Calling off the dogs

vigilante comments on this post.

Oh come on, guys. Make nice. Kiss and make up?
I'd love to. But I have no dogs to call off. Only MoveOn does. I have no problem with their campaign to point out the right wing spin of Fox. What I do have a problem with is their trying to take down one of their natural allies. Are they going to go after the Congressional Black Caucus now? Who is next who doesn't pass their ideological purity test?

This is what the right wing does. Look at how they ruined that hunter's whole career within days of his comments about assault rifles and prairie dogs. It didn't even matter that he apologized. He made one misstep and he was dead to them. His 40+ year career is over.

Is that what our side should be doing?


Not Your Mama said...

True enough, we aren't the ones out there with any dogs TO call off.

I also refuse to allow the self-appointed bosses of everyone dictate to me exactly what position I must espouse on every single issue in order to be considered "acceptable". If I wanted to do THAT I'd be a REPUBLICAN.

Dios mio, I hate control freaks.

Just My Thoughts said...

I own several different types of weapons. One of them is an assualt rifle. I would no more consider hunting with it than I would think about killing mice in my house by burning it down.
Suffice it to say that if one is such a bad shot that they need this much fire power to bring down a glorified gopher they probably should not have possesion of a loaded weapon of any sort.
Asshats will be what they are.