March 8, 2007

A comment from the blogosphere

Sal comments over at Nevada Up North:

. . .This isn't the first time a party has been unresponsive to its members, and it won't be the last. So what do we do? We tell the leadership we're not happy and we work with them to make it as right as we can. We use our votes to show what we want, and we accept that not all decisions in a democratic party system are the decisions we'd like to see.

Now, speaking more to other blogs where I've read about this issue, rather than just the readers of this one: The pure hatred I've seen directed at Fox and their viewers by fellow Democrats and liberals sickens me. I am saddened that some of us would actually make binding and dismissive judgments of so many people based solely on what t.v. channel they watch. The greatest asset I believe the Democratic party and the liberal-minded members of our society have is our compassion for others and our willingness to embrace everyone and occasionally give up a little of our own self-interest and comfort to make sure that people are not left behind in education, that others do not go hungry without someone at least trying to help, and that people are not judged based on their race, gender, occupation or thoughts (hint, hint).

This little feud over Fox and our debate is not an almighty sign of the moral decay in this party. But it certainly shows Democrats at our worst. I hope this issue fades away soon.


UpNorth said...

Do you have links to these hateful things said about Fox viewers?

cls said...

I'm just posting a comment from your blog...

Not Your Mama said...

I've seen plenty around the blogosphere and cls can of course hunt some up if she wants to but, um, what is the point?

To prove it's going on? It goes on the same as the nastiness in the rightoshpere goes on.

Our side isn't any more angelic than the other side. We make fun of Fox viewers, Wal-Mart shoppers, people with bad teeth, you name it. Some of "us" tend to forget that a lot of the people we have so much fun poking sticks at:

1. are too poor to make choices based on "political correctness". It's about survival.

2. often did not receive the benefits of a university education and may or may not always understand the full implications of a lot of issues. Many of them are too busy trying to work and pay bills to follow politics much.

3. often feel patronized by the "liberal elite" and are gun-shy of anything they perceive as classism.

They really are not all hateful wingnuts. Most of them are people who feel crapped on by BOTH parties and will simply vote for the one that offends them personally the least.

Unfortunately it is usually us who makes fun of or condemns everything about them and their they vote republican. When you factor in that blogosphere aside, the middle, lower middle and poor make up the MAJORITY of potential voters it isn't difficult to figure out why we keep losing control of the country.

Bill Clinton won because he "gets" that. Kerry lost because he does not "get" that. Just like Edwards will lose because he doesn't get it and Hillary, Barack and Bill R. all have a chance. It's really that simple.