March 11, 2007

Haters, Lovers and Daylight Savings


The Kos/MoveOn wing is now silent. Instead, now I am receiving emails telling me how horrible we are to drop the Fox debate. Can't win for losing now, can we?

At this point, all I can do is laugh (ruefully, of course). What else is there to do?

On another note, have you all moved your clocks forward? And for you Outlook users, you might want to review your calendar appointments for the next three weeks. It appears that Outlook took it on its own to adjust for the time change and moved all my appointments forward an hour, even though my OS adjusted my laptop and PC properly. So I had to go in and move them all back to their correct times. Once April kicks in, everything is fine.

Thank goodness for sweeties that love me. My dearest has installed a 5-speaker sound system in our living room. I must admit, I was initially dubious, with fears that I'd be blown from my sofa anytime we watched TV. But sweetie has done an excellent job, and the system is wonderful. DVD movies sound like they do in the movie theater, but not nearly as loud. And no one is talking on their cell phone or rattling their candy wrappers. We also have Hughes (DirecTV) satellite so we get a bunch of XM stations. Right now I am lightly enveloped by the soothing sounds of Audio Vision. Nice. Thanks, Babe.


Brad said...

Well, seeing how KOS/MoveOn took it upon them selfs to destroy the debate in northern Nevada shouldn't they be the first to stand up and offer to sponsor one?

Spousal approval is one of the hardest issues with any major change to living conditions. I'm glad you approve of the changes your sweetie made to yours. Ta Da

Not Your Mama said...

Blows that you're getting hate mail, I promise none of it is from me. Party did what it had to do under the circumstances. Redirect all the e-mails to MoveOn since they're so smart.

Congrats on your sound system. Now you can turn up the sound and drown out the byotching whenever you need to ;).