March 7, 2007

I'm done with

I've been a member of MoveOn for years. No more.

For years I have supported MoveOn's national efforts to draw attention to the misdeeds and outright criminality of Bush and his buddies. I've held movie nights, gone to vigils, called my congress critters, written letters.

I forgave them for interfering in our presidential election in 2004, even though they siphoned away some of our best activists in Lyon County to do their canvassing. Federal law prevents political parties and PACs from sharing information on canvassing so any work done in our precincts was often repeated by MoveOn volunteers. Some of MoveOn's volunteers were our own activists (and we couldn't talk to them), and many were from out of state. Post-election reports by Democratic volunteers told stories of literally being a few blocks behind a MoveOn volunteer.

I forgave them for this. After all, I reasoned, they were just as eager as I to see George W. Bush defeated in Nevada. Except, all we got was pissed off voters.

Then I saw them do it again in Nevada in 2006 by butting into Jill Derby's congressional campaign. I wrote them and BEGGED them to not interfere. Their answer to me was that because I was with the Democratic party, they couldn't talk to me. And...they continued on their merry way, calling Nevada voters, and again, all we got was pissed off voters.

And now, they are at it again. Yeah, yeah, they hate Fox. So do I.

But they are attacking the Nevada Democratic Party and right now have an email out calling on its members to phone the state Dem office to object to the Fox debate. So, the phones are jammed down south, and any work that should be getting done with regards to our upcoming caucus is on hold. All hands are on deck fielding calls and the circular firing squad is in full swing.

And while MoveOn is great about publishing everyone else's phone numbers, if anyone can find a phone number to contact them anywhere on their site, please leave it in the comments, because I can't find it.

I'm done. MoveOn, Kiss Off.


Not Your Mama said...

Sorry, don't have their number. I've been a non-fan of theirs for years.

Could not agree with your post more, they've cost us far more votes than they've ever won us.

Featheriver said...

So, am I to understand that those recorded political phone calls I receive are from

I've never been a member and rarely checked their site.

But Blue Lyon's post has whetted my interest to learn some more.

I'm not keen on working against the Nevada State Democratic Party. I want it to improve.

cls said...

No they did not use robo calls, but they had people calling into our state from out of state. Hell, they even called us.

The thing is, MoveOn started in the wake of the whole Clinton impeachment debacle. They were calling for censuring Clinton and then "moving on." They objected to the over the top antics of the Republicans.

It appears they have adopted the tactics of the right wing. Sad.

Just My Thoughts said...

My call on this one is that the Move On people have become as fanatical as some of the people they purport to oppose.
I find that going too far right or too far left can be a bad move. I think the people of this nation are tired of the extreme wing nut points of view. This means left and right wing nuts.
These people may need to know when to leave well enough alone.
Even though I lean to the left I do not agree with much of the agenda that Move On is so famous for.

Vigilante said...

Oh come on, guys. Make nice. Kiss and make up?