March 6, 2007

Major candidates distancing themselves from Nevada? I think not.

There has been some word on the street that the NSDP deal with Fox is hurting us and that the top tier candidates are starting to avoid Nevada. This doesn't sound like it. (Hat tip to Desert Beacon)

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign has hired four more Nevada staffers, giving the Democratic front-runner the largest campaign staff in the state so far.

The campaigns of Sen. Barack Obama and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson have also staffed up in Nevada in recent weeks as the Democratic candidates prepare for a first-ever early Democratic presidential nominating caucus in the state.

The Clinton campaign said Monday it has hired political directors in Northern and Southern Nevada, a communications director and a deputy field director.

The Edwards people are on the ground here as well.


Not Your Mama said...

Pffft. They can't afford to distance themselves, it's a campaign not a crusade.

What will be interesting to me is to see how much the same/different the vote turns out in each of the three early states. Funny if we end up with 3 different winners.

cls said...

Yes, indeedy!

Not Your Mama said...

oops, make it maybe 4 or more...looks like Idaho is going to move theirs up as well.

Lot's of talk that CA, AZ and NY among others will. Not good for the "little guys" if too many states, especially big states, do this.

Sounds like the "inner circle" trying to make sure no outsiders get in to me. So tell me again why we keep losing? Depressing.

cls said...

Ya thought all along was that the DNC could have done something really extraordinary with its presidential selection process and done regional primaries/caucuses. That is, cut the country into quarters and at each presidential cycle one region goes first, then the second region, third, then fourth.

That way you have large and small states in one region all competing on the same day. Spread it out over four months, so that candidates can stay in one geographical area, then move on to the next one.

Then, four years later, the region that went first in the previous cycle goes to the end of the line and every other region moves up so that #2 region goes first, and so forth.

But did they listen to me? Oh no.

Not Your Mama said...

'course not, that would have made perfect sense.