March 28, 2007

Politico = Drudge

Hmm. Glenn Greenwald articulates something I have suspected for a while. Whence comes this new "authority" Politico? I mean, suddenly, Politico is being quoted everywhere. And look how wrong they got the Edwards announcement.

In addition, Greenwald takes on the newest "meme" about Obama. (Subscription required, or watch the short ad for a day pass)

The new online political magazine, The Politico, is a pernicious new presence in our media landscape. As I noted the other day, it really is nothing more than the Drudge Report dressed up with the trappings of mainstream media credibility. Today, Will Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News writes on his blog about what is merely the latest episode (of many) proving how closely coordinated The Politico is with The Drudge Report. It is not hyperbole to say that the former is all but an arm of the latter.

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