March 30, 2007

This guy speaks for me

I've been doing some catching up this morning, and this letter to the editor jumped out at me.

To the Editor:

I have a different point of view regarding the controversy over the firing of the United States attorneys.

Although the prosecutors in question were selected by the president and they “serve at his pleasure,” I believe that they actually work for me.

In fact, the president of the United States works for me, too. After all, this is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Politics may be a game for politicians, but governing is a serious business. This does not involve any strategic military secrets.

I would like to know what went on. I demand accountability. The answers should be under oath and recorded for all of us “bosses” to see. Then we can decide if our employees, from President Bush on down, are doing the job that we elected them to do!

Fred Herman

Weston, Fla., March 27, 2007


Not Your Mama said...

Excellent point. I've been less-than-enthralled by this issue but this letter does make sense.

TomCat said...

What is he, some kind of communist? This is America!! We don't do things that way here! We live by the golder rule, and I bet he has no gold at all. ;-)