March 9, 2007

Who lost?

So, the August debate in Reno has been cancelled. I'm waiting to hear if something will be done to replace it. But the way I see it northern Nevada loses. Here's why. From the NSDP web site:

To date there are two candidate forums and three debates scheduled in Nevada:
  • February 21 forum in Carson City sponsored by AFSCME
  • March 24 health care forum co-sponsored by SEIU and the Center for American Progress (Las Vegas)
  • Mid-August debate focused on Western regional issues to be held in Reno
  • November 2 debate sponsored by the Nevada State Democratic Party at UNLV (Las Vegas)
  • January 15 debate co-sponsored by the Caucus of African American Nevadans and Impacto, the political arm of the Latin Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas
Las Vegas gets the remaining presidential debates and forums. Northern Nevada gets the shaft. At least one of the many, many people that sent protest emails to me from all over the country understand our loss a bit. In answer to my reply to their original email they said:
We understand that the debate has been cancelled. This is not the result that I was hoping for. I wanted Fox's connection to the debate ended. I can't believe that there are not alternative sponsors.
Oh well. Be careful what you wish for. Those unintended consequences can be a bitch, can't they?


Not Your Mama said...

Cancellation was the only legal option since they had a contract. Once the controversy started getting out of hand....

I suppose we'll be remaining a red state after all. I wasn't OVERLY optimistic but I did see some hope until this fiasco. Can't take NV without the northern counties and I can only imagine how this looks to them.

cls said...

Agree that cancellation was the only legal option. I am just waiting to see if a substitution will be made to replace the lost northern NV debate.