April 23, 2007

ACTION NEEDED TODAY - Stamp out the rate hike

You may not be aware, but the US Postal Service is considering a rate change that will make rates for small, independent publications higher than those from media giants. This will affect ALL publications such as The Nation (on the left), and The National Review (on the right). This is not a Red or Blue, liberal or conservative issue. This is, once again, big business dictating federal policy for their benefit and to the detriment of the smaller contenders in the marketplace. From the NRO blog:

Postal-rate hikes make strange bedfellows: NR has joined an alliance of opinion magazines, including The American Spectator, The Nation, and Mother Jones, to battle these new rates. There's a congressional hearing coming up to investigate them, and that's good news, but what is truly needed to stave off disaster is for citizens to contact the USPS governors and let them know that this proposed increase will have — to use a favorite term of our friends on the left — a "chilling effect" on political debate in print.

Please sign the petition today. And pass this along to your friends.

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TomCat said...

Hi CLS. I signed it a few days ago, but thanks!