April 30, 2007

Better Know A Candidate - Big weekend in northern Nevada

Wishing I could be there, but my tenure with the NSDP does not allow me to attend candidate sponsored events, I have done a quick perusal of the blogosphere for reactions to Hillary Clinton's Town Hall yesterday. Reaction has be very favorable.

NevadaDem had a post up within two hours of the event. Myrna the Minx weighs in at Reno and its Discontents. Dullard Mush covers the coverage, as does Desert Beacon here and here. Susan Nunes at Random Thoughts has several posts on the event. Looks like she took incredible notes! Ray Hagar has two posts up at Inside Nevada Politics. NV Mojo has added her two cents at various sites. I hope she posts on her impressions of Hillary's visit.

John Edwards was in town for a fundraiser.

Bill Richardson is spending three days in Nevada. Last night he was at the Carson City Democrats Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Yours truly was in attendance. Today the governor has been to the gym, the legislature, Comma Coffee (sweetie went, I did not - see rule above), and spoke to the students at Carson High School about Darfur. He now heads off to Las Vegas.

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