April 13, 2007

Better Know A Candidate - Contacting the Campaigns

In my travels, I have often been told that candidates have been invited to attend events but that oftentimes there is no response. Well, some of these campaigns may be operating on a shoe-string, others may have a specific contact mechanism that cannot be ignored, lest the invitation fall through the cracks. I've done a little bit of homework and this is what I've found. Contacting the on-the-ground local rep is always your best bet, but if that isn't possible what do you do?

Hopefully this will help:

Joe Biden - Tim Emrich is the regional outreach fellow. His email is temrich@joebiden.com The online contact information for the national campaign can be found here.

Hillary Clinton - Pam duPre is the Northern Nevada Political Director for the Clinton Campaign. Email her at pdupre@hillaryclinton.com or call her at (775) 830-3995. Online contact form for the national campaign can be found here.

Christopher Dodd - No local contact that I know of yet, though he is making swing through southern Nevada. Online contact information (phone, address and online form) can be found here. On Edit: Jack Wood of Nye Gateway has passed along Chris Dodd's Nevada contact. His name is Joe Zepecki. His e-mail is: jzepecki@chrisdodd.com and he can be reached by phone at (202) 445-1517.

John Edwards - Brandon Pinette is coordinating up here in northern Nevada. He can be reached at bpinette@johnedwards.com. Kelly Harlow is the rural coordinator for the Edwards campaign. Contact her at kharlow@johnedwards.com . Online you can contact the campaign using this form.

Mike Gravel - Online contact info found here.

Dennis Kucinich - I know there are some local folks here, but I don't know who's the lead. Online contact form is here. Local Meetup information.

Barack Obama - David Cohen is the Deputy State Director at dcohen@barackobama.com. The northern Nevada contact is Rachel Sigman at rsigman@barackobama.com . If you wish to contact the campaign online, go here. The campaign has specific online forms for specific kinds of contacts. For instance, if you wish to invite Obama to a non-press event go to http://invite.barackobama.com (otherwise your invitation will go nowhere, according to this answer at the Answer Center). Footnote about the Obama campaign: They are conducting a series of organizational meetings in northern Nevada. Go to the my.barackobama.com to find out where and when. Local Meetup information.

Bill Richardson - Michael Tassone is the rural outreach guy for the Bill Richardson campaign. He can be reached at michaeltassone@yahoo.com or at (775) 223-4291. Michael is looking for volunteers to assist at their booth at the Cinco de Mayo celebration next month in Fernley. Online contact form for the national campaign is here. The Richardson campaign will be opening a Reno office next month and if you are interested in volunteering contact them at at at (702) 385-2455 or email them at nevada@richardsonforpresident.com with "Reno" in the subject line.

On a related note: A commenter at the Gravel web site asks a good question and one that the other candidates ought to answer as well. The commenter is trying to find out who the California campaign contact is. Well, why not post that information online? Why can't all the candidates post state contact information online? T'would be extremely helpful!

Note to campaigns: If I have missed something or have posted incorrect information, please leave a comment and I will modify this post accordingly!

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