April 29, 2007

Democratic Leadership Academy

Yesterday I had the honor and pleasure of speaking before the Democratic Leadership Academy in Reno. I was asked to speak on the explosion of technology in grassroots organizing and activism. In my presentation I spoke of the experience I had in the Dean campaign and related it to the tools used by candidates and other issue-oriented groups.

I came away from the session just absolutely blown away at the energy and creativity in the room. The leadership academy has been put together to develop grassroots volunteers and to take them to a higher level of effectiveness. This academy is not for everyone, but it is designed for activists who want to gain knowledge and tools for more effective organizing.

And good news! We have plans to take the Democratic Leadership Academy to the rurals later this year. I met with the leaders of the academy about a week ago and we discussed the challenges and joys of organizing in the rurals, and how we could tailor the training and take it on the road to the rurals. I'm really looking forward to being part of this effort.

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TomCat said...

Bravo! (insert applause here)