April 11, 2007

Education funding

Desert Beacon knocks another one out of the park.

The right-wingers are right about one thing: Money doesn't solve educational problems. However, they miss the corollary: What the money will buy does help solve educational deficiencies. Up-to-date texts and supplies are expensive. A top quality teaching staff doesn't come cheaply. Computer technology and software don't magically drift down from the heavens. School buildings and buses do not build and maintain themselves.

. . .

The bottom line is that the corporations who say they dearly want an educated workforce want someone, anyone, else to pay for it. And, this brings us back to the starting point. If the corporate and business interests don't want to pay for our K-16 programs, then the "average tax payer" must. But, if the average tax payer becomes less able over time to afford an education for himself or his children, then over time the system will collapse in on itself -- leaving us with a pile of red-painted lumber topped off by the remnants of the cheaply shingled roof.

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