April 30, 2007

Gender typing

Heh. NV Mojo links to this site that says that it can accurately determine a person's gender based on their writing (with an 80% accuracy record). Hmm. Here's what they say about me based on this post (minus the quoted material).

Words: 372
(NOTE: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words.)
Female Score: 569
Male Score: 713
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

Um. Not so much. Reminds me of the "psychic" who told me in 1982 that my unborn child was going to be a boy. Again, not so much.


info@depot said...

hi there..

nice blog and have a nice day!!!


Featheriver said...

Well, can't win the gender guessing puzzle every time.

Tom Hilton said...

Seems to be wrong a lot. Melissa McEwan was read as a guy too. I got female, but by a narrow margin (892 to 880); I like to think that means I'm balanced. ;-)