April 15, 2007

Google Maps - Traveling to Paris

I received this fun little exercise from my friend, CJ.

1. Go to http://maps.Google.com
2. Click on "Get directions"
3. Enter the Start address: New York, New York
4. Enter the End address: Paris, France
5. Read line #23


Desert Beacon said...

Hilarious! Thanks for the heads up!

60wpm said...

Very funny indeed!

It seems I may have gotten a bit 'google mismapped,' when I caught wind of the exciting Recall Gibbons Campaign (Go for it!)

This blog got noted as being a stie where folks could find out info about it, although I now see it has a broader spectrum of discussion topics (Like: Paris).

Any, no harm done. The PRIME TWO CONTACT SITES WERE MORE PROMINATELY LISTED IN MY EMAIL I send out today to a few hundred people.

I wish I could do more.

The email can ge read, at:

P.S. - I like your site.
I'm thinking of putting that 'Bush Countdown," on mine. Let me know if that not ok.