April 18, 2007

I thought he was supposed to represent us

Rubberstamp Representative Dean Heller returns to D.C. after getting an earful from his constituents.

Heller returns to Washington this week after hearing deep opposition to the war from constituents in Nevada during spring recess. He said he heard similar sentiments in private conversations, in grocery stores and in homes from "some of my friends, neighbors, colleagues."

Heller came away believing that two of every three Nevadans oppose the war - on par with national polls.
So, that means he's going to help end the war, right? Um. No.
But Heller said "at the end of the summer - six to nine months - I'll have to reassess my position."
Oh. I see. Since January of this year, we have lost an average of three American soldiers a day in Iraq (Iraq Coalition Casualties). This month we are averaging four American deaths a day. Basic math says that in six months anywhere from 480 to 720 more American lives will be snuffed out. In nine months? 720 to 1080 more deaths.

All this death and THEN Dean Heller will start to reassess his position? How does he sleep at night?


Desert Beacon said...

Think it will take him 6 to 9 months to get that copy of the Iraq Study Group report out of his briefcase and actually READ it?

Featheriver said...

Heller continues to follow the Bush line irrespective of the expressed wishes of his constituents as demonstrated in last fall's election.

If he wants to continue to remain in Bush's hip pocket and represent Bush, then his constituents should see that Heller is eliminated in 2008 when he is up for re-election.

Tom Hilton said...

Did you see Atrios' post the other day about the Republicans who (privately) said they were fed up, and would give the administration no more than 3 months...back in January?

6 to 9 months, my ass...I would bet good solid cash-type American dollars that he'll still be toeing the Bush line a year from now.