April 6, 2007

Nevada Democratic Caucus web site is up and running

Go here.

They've done a nice job!

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60wpm said...

I went to the site and you were right, it's is nice. I've done work on the web site for a county Democratic committee here in Arizona.

Since I was there I send them a copy of this email I origninall sent to Donna West, today.

Donna's advocating the recall of Governor Jim Gibbons.(Note: I also posted this on VoteGibbonsOut.com -- Where I found the post to your blog)


Dear Donna,

It think it fabulous what you are doing!
From everything I've heard about Gibbons we deserves to be booted out of office ASAP.

I signed your petition, signer #507, on your site, at: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/748805536

(But I also indicated that I'm living in Arizona,) but that leads to A Perhaps Useful: Bigger Picture.

My group, American Citizens Together, est. 1984, has been pushing for a Recall Election of ALL seven (7) Republican governors in the seven (7) states where it's possible to do so. Nevada, as you know, being one of them.

I think if this could be done, recall not just Jim Gibbons, but seven Republican governors we'd be “sending a signal,” that would bring a little 'shock and awe,' to our home-front politics.

Now that I know you're leading the way I've put a link to your petition drive on our group's web site.

You just may have started something that will not only shake up Nevada but shake up the whole National Republican party as well!

If you have any comments or questions, let me know.

I'll tell all the folks I can about Gibbons.