April 18, 2007

Wecome Pete McCloskey

This one passed under my radar. Thanks to Bob Brinkley for bringing it to my attention.

McCloskey leaves Republican Party

Excerpt from his email explaining his decision:

I registered Republican in 1948 after reaching the age of 21. We were the party of civil rights, of free choice for women and fiscal responsibility. Since Teddy Roosevelt, we had favored environmental protection, and most of all we stood for fiscal responsibility, honesty, ethics and limited government intrusion into our personal lives and choices. We accepted that one the duties of wealth was to pay a higher rate of income tax, and that the estates of the wealthy should contribute to the national treasury in reasonable measure.

I was proud to serve with Republicans like Gerry Ford, the first George Bush and Bob Dole.

In 1994, however, Newt Gingrich brought a new kind of Republicanism to power, and the election of George W. Bush in 2000 has led to wholly new concept of governance. The bureaucracy has mushroomed in size and power. The budget deficits have become astronomical. Our historical separation of church and state has been blurred. We have seen a succession of ethical scandals, congressmen taking bribes, and abuse of power by both the Republican House leadership and the highest appointees of the White House.
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Not Your Mama said...

Says it all, doesn't it? I think it's why a lot of us keep fighting to keep the sanity in our party, it's the only viable option left...if we lose it completely there's no place left to go.

cls said...

Yep! Whenever I think I might just be banging my head against the wall, I look up, survey the landscape, sigh, and get back to work!