May 10, 2007

Aid and Comfort?

An Incline Village resident takes aim at the charge that Harry Reid is committing treason and giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy by saying the war in Iraq is lost. After a brief essay on the brayings of the neo-cons and their cries of "Sedition! Treason!" our intrepid writer, Ed Gurowitz, concludes:

Let's look at that. It seems to me that the only ones who can say for sure whether Reid's statement gave aid and comfort to the enemy are the enemies themselves. But on more than one occasion Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda higher-ups have been reported to have said that the U.S. presence in Iraq and the prolonging of the war there is to their benefit - that's the only testimony I know of that speaks directly to what "aids and comforts" the enemy. They don't need to win, they may not even want to win - as long as we are there and they are the underdog, they gain political traction in the jihadist world, so it seems reasonable to think that anything that prolongs the war and the U.S. presence in Iraq aids the enemy and probably gives them comfort - they certainly seem more comfortable than we are.

So on the one hand we have Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats saying the war is lost and insisting on a plan for getting our troops out of harm's way so that as few as possible die in service of a lost cause, with the ancillary benefit that Al Qaeda would lose whatever it gains from our being there. On the other hand, we have the president and the neocons in deep denial insisting on an open-ended commitment to a war they have no plan for how to win or how to get out of. And we have the enemy saying it's to their advantage that we stay there and they benefit from it.

So who's giving "aid and comfort?" And who should resign?

Nice op-ed. Read it all.

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