May 10, 2007

Around the Internets

DRAT! I was working on a Better Know a Candidate post on Energy and I deleted it before posting. I'll have it to you in a day or two. In the meantime...

  • So, how come these drug kingpins aren't going to jail? Oh, that's right, this drug is "legal" and therefore only those who "abuse" it are criminals, not the ones who push it.
  • Dean Heller is full-on with the talking points in this Ely Times article
  • Retail isn't looking good. Even Wal-Mart is tanking. But, but, but...I thought the economy was booming!
  • I'm confused. Wasn't Dr. Manning supposed to start last February at the Lahontan Dental Clinic in Silver Springs? This article says he is in negotiations to partner with a Dr. Nelson.

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