May 27, 2007

Better Know a Candidate - A new beginning

It's been a week of new beginnings and I haven't had time to post the way I am used to. I've started a new job and that means I'm no longer on staff with NSDP. What does that mean for Blue Lyon? First of all, the declaration in this post is no longer operative. That is, I intend to caucus for a candidate, and make my intentions known at some point. But not yet. Like many out there, I simply have not made up my mind. I have, at least, crossed some names off my list.

Definite NOs:

  • Joe Biden - Between his vote on the bankruptcy bill and his vote on the Iraq funding bill last week, he is now officially off my list. (Sorry, Omar)
  • Mike Gravel - Yeah, he is full of pee and vinegar, but though he's right about Iraq, his "National Initiative for Democracy" sounds more like mob rule. Are you kidding me? Most Americans, between their jobs, families and trying to have some semblance of a life don't have the time to be legislators too. Yeah, it sounds good, but we live in a representative democracy and it's our job to hold those jokers' feet to the fire. If they don't do the job we sent them there to do, then fire the bums. But, we pay them to look at the facts, come up with solutions and pass legislation. We pay them to do that job. If they fail in that regard, we have a 'national initiative for democracy every two years. It's called an election. And as much as I hate what our tax code has become, his idea of replacing the current one with a national sales tax and a really convoluted system of "prebates" (replacing one bureaucracy with another?) is ridiculous. Our tax system is broken, but seriously, there's got to be a better solution than a national sales tax.
Secondly, I may become more outspoken on people and topics I had heretofore been mum about. We'll see how that plays out in the coming months.

I will continue to post about our candidates' position on issues, but now feel freer to provide commentary at the same time.

Anyway, it's my birthday (I was born on a Memorial Day Sunday - - really!), so this weekend is always a bit odd for me. I celebrate my life at the same time I mourn and remember the fallen.


Sven said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope you're having a good one and I suppose there are worse days (and several would come to mind) to celebrate that you're with us. All the best to you!

What is weird though, is that I saw Charles Rangel and Duncan Hunter wish each other "Happy Memorial Day" on Late Edition. Just thought that wasn't right. How can they be happy about Memorial Day?

cls said...

Thanks! Yeah, wishing someone a Happy Memorial Day seems really wrong,

Not Your Mama said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the new job too.

LOL on Biden and Gravel. I'll give Biden that he has never made a secret of his positions. Apparently there were a lot of people who missed his memos prior to this vote though. Gravel: reminds me of the half dozen or so nutwings who march around Pahrump carrying antique shotguns and waving flags. Just could not take him too seriously.

Mainer said...

Gravel's on to something and deserves your considered opinion rather than an automatic rejection. Stop and think where we wouldn't be if we had the National Initiative. IRAQ! The majority of Americans have more sense than Congress on this topic. Same goes for national health insurance -- which has been bandied about for more than 60 years. You want politics as usual? Then you have plenty to choose from. The founders of this country did not envision career politicians thumbing their collective noses at the people. Direct democracy works at town meetings and in a variety of other jurisdictions. Give Gravel a chance to make his case -- because truly our current system is very messed up! Gravel's a Maverick on a Mission for America. Go to for more.

cls said...

Mainer, I have not "automatically" rejected him. I HAVE done my research. No need to give me Gravel's web site. It is linked on my blog, and I've been there, as I have to all other candidates' web sites. I have also watched every debate and forum and will continue to do so.

As far as Gravel's health plan...puhleeze...more convoluted bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, CLS!