May 10, 2007

Better Know a Candidate - Richardson on C-SPAN

This just popped into my inbox from Steve Platt, chair of the Carson City Dems:

My videographer buddy with C-SPAN just called to let me know that some of the footage he shot of Bill Richardson at Comma Coffee on April 30, will air tonight at 9pm PT on C-SPAN2. Also parts of the April 30 Comma Coffee event with Governor Richardson will be aired on CSPAN this Sunday evening, May 13 as a part of it's "Road to the White House 2008" series. The "Road to the White House 2008" is a weekly C-SPAN show that looks at the electoral process in the United States and the candidates, issues and events shaping the 2008 presidential race. It airs Sundays on C-SPAN at 3:30pm, 6:30pm PT & 9:30pm PT. For more details go to

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