May 23, 2007

A bird's eye view of Dean Heller's "Town Hall"

On Monday night my phone rang, and an automated message from Dean Heller invited me to immediately join a teleconference "Town Hall." Though I chose not to, a friend of mine did participate and sent me this email.

Junior Congressman Dean Heller took his show on the road last night by staging a “town hall meeting” over the phone with what he felt were his constituents.

My phone rang and I chose to enter the on-line foray. Every 15 minutes, during the session, Dean would interject with EST and that he was calling from his Washington, D.C. office. The only thing out of the dialogue was that it could be along the Potomac River.

The highlight of the conversations I tuned in to including participants from Storey, Lyon and Churchill counties, as he continued to reiterate, was the one I heard from my favorite pair of U.S. Navy veterans residing in Fernley.

M & D F----- are a dedicated couple with whom I became acquainted, volunteering at the Nevada Veteran Cemetery in Fernley.

A dedication to their personal philosophies of life, and a Democratic stance rang out loud and clear during this telephonic episode. We were all told to press “#” and wait until it was our turn to ask a question.

So, when it was the F----- family turn to be put on line D mustered up all the strength that a veteran on oxygen, and a true Democrat would, proceeded to open the conversation with the Congressman: “First of all, I didn't’t vote for you”.

I thought I would fall over in my chair and D continued to calmly express his opinion ... until Dean cut him off and went to the next person queued up to speak with the illustrious Nevada leader.

If there were a Democratic ... or for that matter a voice of reason academy award ... I would give it to Don who stood steadfast to his principals [sic] and that of his wife ... when faced with the challenge.

Also, during the event, participants were given the opportunity to express their opinion about the newly proposed immigration legislation by pressing a button on their telephones. When the polled results were in, there was only one vote for the present proposal ... as sketchy as it may be at this moment.

Obviously, my vote was the only one that stood out in my mind.

In a follow up email with my friend asking permission to post this on the blog, she also informed me:
Also, one of the "callers" was speaking to boycotting gas stations. Heller was enthusiastic (maybe tired...but who contributed to his campaign?).
Then, the caller and Heller narrowed it down to Seven Eleven convenience stores served by CITGO.

Today, I learned that has all changed and the CITGO signs removed? The source of their the caller contended was Venezuela. Yeah, said Heller we don't want to deal with Communists. It sounded like we were back in the black/red lists of the 1950s...which I remember from having been raised in the backyard of Hollywood, California.
Too bad Dean Heller either didn't know, or didn't want to spoil the moment, by pointing out that 7-Eleven had dropped Citgo months ago. Hell, even Faux News reported it. But let's not let the facts get in the way of a good scapegoating!

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