May 8, 2007

He winked at the Queen???

Oh. Dear. Gawd.

Look, I am no adorer of the British monarchy. I understand they are people just like us. BUT. Queen Elizabeth II is the British Head of State and should be treated accordingly. And that means that she be treated with all decorum, not made a joke of in public, especially not by OUR Head of State. But not our George. I saw this video on Keith Olbermann last night (click on icon to see it in full screen). I mean, honestly! She's not your dottering aunt, George.

Keith Olbermann can't figure out what she says. A commenter over on YouTube thinks she said "Wrong year." Sounds about right to me.

Eighteen more months of this.


Desert Beacon said...

Yep: Oh...Dear...Gawd

Not Your Mama said...

I suppose we should probably be grateful he didn't pat her on the behind and call her a hottie.