May 10, 2007

Some tips for the new Lyon County Manager

Nancy Dallas shares her thoughts on the backgrounds of the four finalists for Lyon County Manager and makes it clear that being capable has nothing to do with the job.

Former County Manager Steve Snyder didn’t last for more than 10 years because he accomplished great things for this county. He survived because he knew the political currents, political players and how to use them.

In my opinion, the three commissioners voting for the dismissal of Kristaponis will see to it that her successor will not be a “Type A’, pro-active personality. The next Lyon County Manager will be an individual these three feel will bend to their politically motivated vision for this County. Actual qualifications for the position will take a second seat to this fact.
And she offers some words of advice:
Don’t forget to “stay in your Yerington office”. One of the major reasons given for your predecessor’s dismissal was, “she’s never in the office.”

Don’t forget to be aware of the vast regional differences and fears.

Be very selective on where you decide to live, eat and drink.

Don’t be too aggressive on moving County services to centralized locations.

Respond to what individual commissioners ask you to do – don’t worry about formalities, regulations or statutes.

Get to know the ‘local political powers’ and treat there [sic] wishes nicely.

Remember the above and decide whether you really want to move this county forward – or simply want to survive in a well-paying job for 10 years.

For the sake of Lyon County taxpayers, I sincerely hope the ‘winner’ of the race can do both…in spite of the Commission.
Well said.

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