May 4, 2007

This is getting ridiculous

Looks like Florida has moved its primary up to January 29, 2008. Honestly, I think it just might take an act of Congress to resolve this. Just as we have a national General Election day, maybe it's time to switch to a national primary day, perhaps in June? I know, I know, the Constitution leaves conduct of elections to the states, but that need only apply to state and local contests. For federal offices, the Constitution and the federal government makes the rules so why not a national primary for president?

However, I'd prefer we could go with my idea of having regional primaries that rotate every four years.

Either way, this front-loading of primaries cannot be good for us and the decision-making process that we all need to be going through.

On Edit: 8:07 pm - Howard points me to this article in The Onion. You know, these days it's getting harder to tell parody from real news.

Rhode Island Votes To Move 2008 Primary To Tomorrow

PROVIDENCE, RI—The Rhode Island legislature has passed a law moving the state's presidential primary to tomorrow, forcing candidates from both parties to hastily revise their schedules and platforms.

"I love Rhode Island, always have—especially the people," said Sen. John Edwards while being briefed on Rhode Island politics aboard a plane bound for Providence. "Just because it's a small state doesn't mean it's not important. Frankly, I've always believed Rhode Island, or the 'Ocean State,' as I prefer to call it, should be much bigger—an issue on which my opponents have remained curiously silent."

Former Gov. Mitt Romney announced his intention to release a 10-point plan addressing the issues that most deeply affect Rhode Islanders, as soon as he and his staff figure out what those issues are.


Not Your Mama said...

I have a better idea: move Florida to Cuba.

sestamibi said...

Did you see this, Carissa?


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