May 16, 2007

War Czar or Scapegoat?

Well, it looks like Bush has found his "War Czar." But this really leaves me with more questions than answers. When this idea was first floated, it sounded like the WC would step into Bush's responsibilities as Commander in Chief (CiC) which raised some troubling Constitutional questions. Now I'm not so sure. More like adding another layer to an already dysfunctional administration and doing an end run around Gates. According to the New York Times:

If he is confirmed, General Lute would have the rank of assistant to the president and deputy national security adviser, and would report directly to the president. His job, which is part of a broader reorganization of the National Security Council staff responsible for Iraq and Afghanistan, would be to brief Mr. Bush every day on the two conflicts, and work with other government agencies — including the Pentagon and the State Department — to carry out policy.
Sounds like he won't have any real policy-making authority, and that this is merely re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Or, as suggested by a poster (sarge) over at HuffPo:
It means we have another stall tactic. 'We can't just start pulling out now, the "war czar" hasn't had a chance to work yet. We need to give him some time--a year and a half should do it.'
From chinohillster:
Lt. General Lute is not a "war czar", he is the "Take-The-Blame-For-Failure-In-Iraq-From-Now-Until-2008-So-The-Democrats-Can't-Lay-It-At-The-Feet-Of-Bush" guy!
So exactly how many people do we now have with fingers in the pie of this fiasco? Let's see if I have this right:
  1. Commander in Chief - George W. Bush (but it appears he doesn't want the job anymore, unfortunately the Constitution doesn't allow him to abdicate his responsibilty, but...hell, it's just a piece of paper, right?)
  2. Bob Gates, Secretary of Defense (I wondered when he got confirmed how much effect such a reasonable sounding person would have within the Bush administration. I think I now have my answer.)
  3. General Petraeus (The general on the ground Bush is supposed to be listening to, so we need the War Czar because...?)
  4. National Security Adviser, Stephen Hadley
  5. National Security Council
  6. War Czar (if confirmed), General Douglas E. Lute (who was against the surge before he was for it)
  7. U.S. Congress

Ultimately though, this war is Bush's war. He is the Commander in Chief as he so often reminds us. And all the window dressing in the world isn't going to change that.


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