June 14, 2007

Better Know A Candidate - Hillary's Innovation Agenda

I just popped over to Hillary's web site today and this caught my eye:

Innovation Agenda Version 1.0

At a time when workers are anxious about the challenges of globalization and there is growing concern that America is losing its competitive edge, Hillary Clinton offered her views on how innovation can be the key for creating new jobs, stimulating economic growth, and ensuring American leadership of 21st century industries. She detailed policy proposals to renew the nation’s commitment to research; help create the premier science, engineering, technology, and mathematics workforce; and upgrade our innovation infrastructure. Hillary Clinton also rejected the Bush administration’s mixture of science with politics, and pledged to restore integrity to federal science policy.

BACKGROUND: America is still an “innovation superpower.” We have the world’s best university system, an entrepreneurial culture, and the availability of risk capital. Also, we spend more than $300 billion a year on research and development (approximately 2.7% of GDP), more than any other nation. Our products and services are in demand the world over. Last year, Americans captured all of the Nobel Prizes in science.

THE CHALLENGES: Other nations are increasingly investing in their innovation infrastructure, positioning themselves to challenge our leadership. In the last 12 years, China has doubled the percentage of GDP dedicated to R&D, and over that same period GDP itself doubled. Also, our share of the world’s scientists and engineers has declined, and too few American college students are preparing themselves for these careers. Fewer than 20% of American undergraduates are earning degrees in science or engineering, compared with more than 50% in China. And, we now rank 25th in broadband deployment.

She then lays out a nine-point plan "to renew the nation’s commitment to research; help create the premier science, engineering, technology and mathematics workforce; and upgrade our innovation infrastructure."

It's quite good, and she wants to hear your ideas on how to "build on what she has introduced." There's a form there and everything. Check it out.

On another note (heh), I wonder when they are going to decide on the campaign song.


Nate said...

Wow Hilary Clinton copying Republicans and the Drudge Report? she may bash them all she wishes but she emulates them, ironic.

cls said...

Say what? Link please.

amparker said...

I think it's important not to be so cynical Nate!! Hillary is really being specific and her agenda is doable -- it's hard not to be cynical when we have lived with the worst most corrupt President for the last 6-7 years! Noone touches her experience and endorsements -extremely liberal by the way. Let's all try to look clearly at our options the Middle East is falling apart - wouldn't a great Secretary of State be a great idea- Bill Clinton also as roving ambassador- not a bad combo

Nate said...

Sadly I do feel that Mrs. Clinton’s agenda is doable, it will cost American tax payers trillions more annually, and will lead our economy into an irreversible recession caused by a redistribution of wealth. Government should not conduct scientific research, what I mean is that the government should actually conduct the research, grants should be dealt out to private business, and have businesses conduct the research. Government by nature overspends on almost everything. second I do not appreciate your comment about our president, he is our leader, and you should respect him, this does not mean you have to like him. The definition of corrupt is “guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.” Do not find President Bush to fall into that category. If he did I'm sure the justice department would be charging him with a crime. As for Mr. Clinton, I do not share your love for the idea as him for any type of ambassador. Mr. Clinton will say anything to make someone like him. As an example of this I have a video of Al Gore(Mr. Clintons running mate at the time of the video) in 1992, criticizing President H Bush’s handling of the first Gulf War while campaigning for Mr. Clintons run for the White House. Mr. Gore states ties to terrorism and how dangerous Mr. Saddam Husain is to America (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVUO7voM-ns). This speaks directly to what the Clintons will say to get what they want.
As for my earlier comment about Mrs. Clinton copying the Republicans and the Drudge Report, Apparently, cls you did not know this but your blog was posted as a link on a Mrs. Clinton website put out by her campaign http://www.hillaryhub.com/. The website is modeled after an extremely popular semi-conservative website created by Matt Drudge www.drudgereport.com. I apologize I was unaware that you were not privy to this information and I can easily understand your confusion.

Anonymous said...

I worry about more basic things ...like ...which Democratic candidate can really beat the Republican nomination?

cls, I miss you little photo!

cls said...

You do? Should I bring it back? Maybe I should conduct a poll!

Catkwik said...

Hillary has already begun to ooze her marxist agenda with a comment regarding what she calls "Big Oil."

She stated that she wanted to take the profits from big oil (literally steal that cash from the companies and it's investors) and spend it (marxist style of appropriation)on things SHE thinks it ought to be spent on.

What this nation does not need is another traitor/marxist Clinton plundering it's economic system, re-distributing peoples hard earned cash to those who do not produce, and creating a slave class of productive earners and tax payers to feed the leftist rabble who will only too willingly accept their plantation status of dependents who are fed by a marxist leader.
Hillary Clinton is in my opinion as Anti American and Anti constitution as any mud hut dictator in the third world is.
She is a blight on humanity.

cls said...

"another traitor/marxist Clinton plundering it's economic system, re-distributing peoples hard earned cash to those who do not produce, and creating a slave class of productive earners and tax payers to feed the leftist rabble who will only too willingly accept their plantation status of dependents who are fed by a marxist leader."

It seems to me that that the current administration and its party are actually doing just this. How else to explain the growing economic divide between the corporate elite and those who actually do the work to put profits to the bottom line? Do you think it's only the elite at the top who produce? Then what the hell do I go to work every day to do? If my boss could do it all, he wouldn't need me, now would he?

And it isn't the "leftist rabble," as you so wildly put it, who seem to be all to willing to accept their "plantation status." It's people like you who listen to their horse pucky about the "redistribution of wealth" and buy into it hook, line and sinker. They've got you right where they want you. Here's the big lie they want you to believe: "Someday it's gonna happen. You're gonna make it, just like them, and by golly, you better start looking out NOW for your interests in that bright future you've been promised."

But all you are really doing is lining THEIR pockets and cutting your own throat.

Catkwik said...

What you voiced is the marxist mantra.
The marxist theory is that those who produce must be punished by being forced to give what they make to those who do not produce.
Communist/socialist governments all over the planet have troubled economies because of this. Some have litterally collapsed.
Russia ia a fine example of this.
Cuba is another. North Korea.
And China....said to be an emerging economic giant....sure doesnt have a population that is ANY better off today than it was five decades ago.

Hillary has you convinced that if your neighbor is able to figure out a way in the American system to earn billions....it is somehow criminal that he has that kind of money...and even more criminal that he doesnt share a portion of it with you....for nothing in exchange.
This is the economic of envy.
This is the economic of laziness.
And this is the economic policy that punishes those who strive....and acheive.

It is the process by which those who do not make good life chioces and who do not work as hard for their income are told that their lack of performance is perfectly fine and acceptable....because those who do better will be forced to give away what they have earned in order that under acheivers have more have more.
Redistribution of wealth is a Marxist theory.
Look it up.
It is also a theory that discourages economic growth and individual ambition.

Cat said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
cls said...

Hey Cat, if you want to post lengthy screeds, create your own blog. If you wish to link to them in my blog's comment section, then fine. Otherwise, the post will get deleted again.

Cat said...

Easy enough.
(I forget that libs have bumper sticker comprehension skills.)

This link will show Hillarys template for this site, and every other medium she wastes money on.
The Communist Party USA and Hillary...share exactly the same goals.

Link: http://www.cpusa.org/