June 10, 2007

If you have loved a dog

We have two.

Daisy, an adoption made in the early days of love when Sweetie indulged me my every whim (okay, he still does), and a trip to the Humane Society brought us face to face with an auburn dog who knew that we were supposed to take her home.

Buddy, showed up at our door three summers ago, just three months old and following a Dish Network salesperson around in the 95-degree Nevada summer heat. He took one look at me, and moved in for the kill. We took him to the backyard to get him water and out of the heat and Daisy looked at us as if to say, "A toy! Thanks!"

They are fully entwined in each others hearts and in ours.

Daisy is aging, having already escaped a near miss with some anti-freeze (not ours!), and Buddy still seems a puppy, though he has long given up chewing up Sweetie's drip system. We've gotten rid of every backyard escape route they've managed to find, includin, but not limited to, unlocking the back gate, and life with them has settled into a routine that I never take for granted. They are with us for such a short time.

This essay by Arthur Phillips poignantly charts how we track our milestones when there is a dog in the home. (Warning: possible hanky alert)

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Desert Beacon said...

I'm proud (I think...) to say that I am the property of Blue Heeler who showed up one day intent upon uplifting herself from "domesticated working dog" to "civilized and cultured canine." Her version of Operation Bootstrap has been entirely successful. I'm sure she'd announce this herself, but right now she's having her mid-morning nap...on the bed. To be followed by an afternoon ride...in the cab.