June 30, 2007

Let's privatize it all!

Speaking of health insurance, and the privatization thereof, DarkSyde comments on something I've heard Michael Moore say twice, first on The Daily Show and on Larry King Live last night.

Medicine Marches ... oops: Sicko opens in theaters across the nation. Michael Moore made an interesting observation on The Daily Show this week: If for profit health care works so dang well, surely it makes sense for property. Who needs a Fire Department? Let your homeowner's insuance company run that. Assuming your premiums are current, the firemen can call the company for authorization to put out the blaze, and, hopefully, a bean counter won't veto them with, "Let's wait and see if putting out that fire is really necessary."
Puts it in a whole different light, doesn't it? How about the Police Department? If you've never been a victim of crime, then you're covered, but if you have, well, that's a pre-existing condition and proof that you are prone to being a victim of crime, and therefore too much of a risk for the police to worry about, so unless you pay exorbitant fees to your "for profit" private police department, you aren't protected.

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Desert Beacon said...

To some extent this is already the case with security services. Gated communities and other entities can hire "Blackwater" and its ilk to provide "security" at a level unknown to the 'regular folks' who need to call the local police or sheriff. Want regular on the hour patrols in your neighborhood? If you're wealthy enough you just hire them. Then the taxpayers get the messy part: funding the judicial system -- until we house the "perpetrators" in privately contracted prison facilities.