June 16, 2007

More attention than usual

My site visit count has jumped astronomically since the nod this humble little blog got from hillaryhub.com on Thursday. And it's bringing out the obligatory wingnuts. See comments to my Hillary post below.

I am especially intrigued by my latest detractor who calls Hillary a Marxist. Uh huh. She who many in my party actually find more conservative and corporate centric than they would like. Hillary's no Marxist.

But my second objection to said poster is the inference that we could all be billionaires if we just worked hard enough and didn't make poor choices. No. We. Can't. Someone has to clean the toilets, take out the trash, type the memos, do the accounting, wait the tables, bus them, wash the dishes, drive the school buses, police our streets, put out our fires, fix our plumbing, and on and on and on. And guess what, they work damn hard. And all they ask is that (A) they get rewarded for an honest day's work, (B) they get treated fairly and (C) that their government, you know, the one "of the people," has their back, not just the backs of the big guys.

1 comment:

Not Your Mama said...

Good grief, you really did get hit with the 'tard faction. Kind of reinforces my "humans as a nuisance species" theory.

BTW, loved the doggies ;).