July 3, 2007

And justice for all?

Justice for us means going to jail when we've been convicted of a crime. For Bush, justice is whatever he says it is. For prisoners in Gitmo, it means no access to courts, judges, evidence, etc. For Libby, it means Bush hands you something he has never given any one else: a commutation before even spending one second behind bars. Yes, I know it's his "prerogative."

And the right wing hypocrites who screamed at the top of their lungs "Rule of Law! Rule of Law!" during the Clinton years are cheering today. So, if it isn't completely obvious to all but the most ardent Koolaid drinkers: It was never about the Rule of Law. Do you get it now? Lying about a blow job: impeachable offense if you are a Democrat. Obstructing the investigation of the outing of a CIA agent: pardonable if you are a Republican and loyal Bushie.

Yes, I do hate these people and what they have done to my country.

I'll be calling the White House later today (202-456-1111) to express my displeasure, as if it will do any good.


Desert Beacon said...

You may also want to have a look at the CREW report (I have it linked over at DB) -- which certainly won't do anything to lower your blood pressure, but just may add to your absolutely correct sense that someone needs to start calling the administration on its "superiority complex."

TomCat said...

Well said, CLS. I called and called, but I think they took the phone off the hook.
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cls said...