July 31, 2007

The most important people...

Just in case you needed reminding, Kid Oakland lays it out over at DailyKos.

The most important people in Democratic politics don't even know it.


It's the kid with the anger in his eyes I saw on my way to the swimming pool...anger at the injustice of a school system that's written him off in the fifth grade...anger at a society that tells him every day that he is less than a full citizen because of the color of his skin just like his dad and his uncles.

It's the overweight mom I see in my neighborhood. The one with two young children who has pre-diabetes and doesn't know it yet. She lives in a society that won't give her preventative care or nutritional education, but which underwrites big corporations that sell her super-sized food that is silently eating away at her body.

It's the small town single mom sitting at the kitchen table late at night smoking a cigarette...taxed to the last dollar like all the working poor...trying to figure out how to pay the electric bill and still have rent money on a cleaning woman's wages.

It's the middle-class worker facing an outsourced job and a failed pension who's shown up on time, paid his dues, but is now looking down the barrel of a retirement plan that's gone up in rust-belt smoke.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like a democracy in more ways then one.

cls, There are a few of us who are wondering what type of machines are going to be used by the State party during the caucus to count the votes? Do you know? I know you've talked about attending these caucus prep meetings. Have you heard anything about them?

A friend of mine asked and couldn't get a forthcoming response. Thanks.

cls said...

The votes at each caucus are tallied at the caucus. The caucus chair then has the results signed off on by any attending campaign representatives/supporters indicating that the result is in accordance with the rules of the caucus and that they are reliable and true. After that the numbers are called into the central tabulating command center in Las Vegas. So, there will be a precinct by precinct paper trail and I am sure that if there are any discrepancies between what a precinct votes and what is shown in the final result there will be hell to pay. Beyond that, if you are asking if I know what machines will be used for that central tabulation, I don't know, but I don't think it's going to be anything super techie. Probably just be tracked on a spreadsheet. But, I will do my best to find out and report back.

cls said...

On Edit: After publishing my first comment I think my first sentence isn't very clear. Remember that January 19th is the date of our caucuses...that is, precinct meetings wherein we caucus to award delegates. We tend to say caucus (singular) when we really should be saying caucuses (plural) since these are precinct level caucuses (meetings).

Have you attended a mock caucus yet? If you haven't, check with the Washoe Dems as they will be having them all over Washoe County in the next months and have scheduled standing monthly mockuses at the Dem office. Attending one really helps people understand the process and how open and transparent it is.