July 22, 2007

Nevada Democratic Vets launch web site

From Elliott Anderson, Chair of the Nevada Democratic Veterans & Military Families Caucus

The Nevada Democratic Veterans & Military Families Caucus is proud to
announce the launch of our website!

It is located at:

Here you can keep track of the events the caucus is hosting, learn more about the caucus' history, sign up to join the caucus (if you are a veterans or military family
member), sign up to our mailing list (you don't have to be a veteran or family
member), and donate to the caucus.

You can also contact us through this website and give us your feedback and ideas for the future. We look forward to hearing your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. This is the only place I've seen reference to this site.

texex said...

Any feedback on how the two events went on the 22nd?