August 15, 2007

Big Tent Democrat Nails It

Chris Dodd supporter Big Tent Democrat at MyDD says it well:

I personally feel that political reasons can be just as, if not more, valid as reasons for supporting a candidate than issue reasons in this race. But let's argue those political reasons. Let's respect the fact that all of the candidates are pretty solid progressive Democrats.

Let's stop pretending that Hillary is a secret Republican operative. You merely come across, to me at least, as a blithering fool. Let's stop pretending that the fact that Edwards and Obama do not take money directly from lobbyists but do take money from spouses and CEOs and hedge fund managers means something substantively. It can mean something politically, but do not act as if you have an actual issue concern here.

Let's be honest. And falling short of that, let's at least not pretend we think Hillary or Edwards or Obama or Dodd are not progressive Democrats. You know they all are. Prefer who you prefer, but do so within the bounds a some decency and honesty.


Desert Beacon said...

Sometimes is appalling how quickly Democrats sign on to the corporate media characterizations of candidates, and how often those are dead wrong.

Not Your Mama said...

My choice is pretty much dead in the water so I'm going to go with whichever one can win. Any of them are better than any from the dark side.