August 25, 2007

More on Hillary quote

Media Matters takes on Fox "cropping" of Hillary quote. Thing is, some in the blogosphere have done the same thing.

Summary: On Your World, Neil Cavuto brought up Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's comment that "[i]f certain things happen between now and the elections, particularly with respect to terrorism, that will automatically give the Republicans an advantage again," and asked radio talk-show host Ben Ferguson, "So, Ben, your take on this is that she knows in her heart of hearts Republicans are tougher on terror?" But Cavuto did not mention that Clinton criticized Republicans' handling of national security in the very same statement.
AP article on the backyard house party.
At a backyard gathering of supporters, Clinton was asked why she has the best chance of defeating the eventual Republican nominee. She argued that her long history of coming under Republican fire as first lady and now a New York senator makes her the most prepared for a general election fight.

"I've been through it and I understand their tactics. I have been subjected to them for 15 years and I have survived them," she said. "There's something to be said for that, because I understand what they will do."

She said the goal of Republicans will be to "drive up the negatives" of the Democratic nominee.

"It will all be fresh information. It will all be, 'Oh, you didn't know? Let us tell you. Let us create a caricature. Let us give you this picture.' Whereas I have the somewhat mixed, but rather fortunate blessing of already starting with those negatives. For me that's a plus."

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