August 17, 2007

Republican Strategy: When you can't win by the rules, change'em

Change the rules, move the goal posts, whatever it takes. And that's just what's going on in California right now. Barbara Boxer lays it out over at Huffington Post.

If you haven't heard already, Republican strategists recently announced plans to begin raising money for a dangerous initiative that would radically change the way California apportions our electoral votes in presidential elections. Rather than awarding all of California's electoral votes to the candidate that wins the popular vote -- the way it works in every single state except the small states of Maine and Nebraska -- their scheme would divvy up California's electoral votes based on thenumber of Congressional districts each candidate wins.
First of all, it's questionable if this can even be done as the US Constitution says that state legislatures determine the methods for allocating presidential electors. But, hey, when has the Constitution ever stopped this bunch?

So, go ahead, and sign the petition. But really, Californians, we can sign petitions until we are blue in the face, but its going to be up to you to stop this cold.

Barbara says:
If America wants real election reform -- and I know I do -- we need to elect our President directly by the national popular vote, plain and simple. Then the candidate who receives the most votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia would be elected President. That's the fair thing to do.
Now that's something I could get behind. Once the Constitution was amended to limit the number of Senator and Representatives (hence Electors), we already lost the original intent of the framers and states with large populations saw their votes diluted as even the least populous state is guaranteed three electors, giving smaller states' votes a proportionally higher level of representation. California is awarded one electoral vote for every 662,865 residents, Wyoming gets one electoral vote for every 171,668 residents. This ballot initiative does nothing to address this disparity. Nor are its proponents calling for it across the country. Just in blue California. It's an attempt to rig the system in their favor,pure and simple.

So, let's just elect the President by popular vote and get it over with. And not on electronic voting machines. Paper. Hand-tallied. Period.

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