August 1, 2007


Meteor Blades over at DailyKos says what I've been thinking ever since I heard about the attempt (and now success) of Rupert Murdoch's buy out of the Wall Street Journal.

Those pages are well-respected for good reason, not least of which has been the inclusion of some of the finest long-tailed English-language journalism to be found anywhere.
Yes, its editorial page aside, the WSJ provided some of the best writing I've had the pleasure to read. I am in mourning today. The Wall Street Journal, as we've known it, is now dead. It may take time, or it may happen quite quickly, but understand this: Murdoch will kill any journalistic integrity that the WSJ now enjoys. Everything written there will now be suspect.

Meteor Blades quotes Keith Olbermann's interview with Air America's Rachel Maddow who says:
This is getting, I think, to the really big issue here, the really big story. Because this is not just about media consolidation. It’s not just about supporting Republican candidates or conservative policies. The big issue here is, and the big agenda here, I think, is to just make news worse. To undermine the idea of a discoverable truth about information that can be researched, and conveyed and believed in.
Yep. Whether its government or the news, it seems to me that the right-wing power brokers' whole aim is to disenchant us with being vigilant and active so that they can go about achieving their objectives with nary a whimper from the populace.


Featheriver said...

I join you cls in lamenting the ownership of the WSJ by Rupert Murdoch aka News Corp. That tended to degrade the WSJ to the level of FOX, also owned by Murdoch, at least in my eyes.

I, like many I suspect, will now read the WSJ taking it with a grain of salt and with some skepticism.

Always I will read it with the question: Am I reading news or propaganda?

Desert Beacon said...

If what happened eventually to the once venerable London Times is any indication, we may unfortunately see the time when the WSJ headline reads, "Ghost of Vince Foster wearing blue dress haunts Lincoln Bedroom: "BatBoy" confirms sighting."