August 9, 2007

This is really getting ridiculous

From the WaPo:

South Carolina's Republican Party will move its 2008 presidential primary forward to Jan. 19, sources said yesterday, a decision almost certain to spark a cascade of calendar changes that could push the start of voting to New Year's Day or even to before Christmas.
I wonder what the Nevada Republican Party thinks about this?

And really, considering this is a national election, is it time for Congress to step in? Just thinking out loud here...


texex said...

"In the beginning", Nevada's caucus was going to make us 'unique' among the other states and theoretically bring more attention and voters out to vote Democratic. Not any more - we're just one of another zagillion states now doing a "me too" thingy erasing our rather short-lived uniqueness.

I'm wondering - out loud - can we change course and tactics to somehow regain that uniqueness; or are we too far committed on a course destined to a "ho hum - you, too" outcome?

Desert Beacon said...

You're absolutely right -- this is getting sillier by the minute. At this rate we could hold the elections in November '07, why bother to wait for '08 at all.

cls said...

If that means we get rid of Bush...that could be a real plus!