September 1, 2007

Non-violence workshop to be held in Reno

I attended an afternoon workshop given by Pace e Bene and I was quite impressed. I'll be attending this ten-week workshop and thought I'd pass along the details to you all.

Please join Sierra Interfaith Action for Peace for a ten part workshop on Engage.

Engage can help you tap into that power and equip adults or high school students make the positive changes you need to improve your life and your community.

Full of stories, exercises and resources, Engage is workshop to learn, study and practice the nonviolent options available to us. It offers a guide for groups on how to take action for justice and peace in the midst of war, injustice and environmental destruction.

Engage is ideal for advocacy organizations, religious communities, citizen action leagues, campus networks and any group seeking to work together to create a society committed to justice, democracy, peace, sustainability and equality.

Pace e Bene, the organization that created Engage and From Violence to Wholeness, is dedicated to exploring the spirituality and practice of creative nonviolence as a way of living and being and as a process for cultural transformation. It is a growing community representing a diversity of spiritual traditions and cultural backgrounds that networks with nonviolence practitioners in many parts of the world.

Here are the program details:

WHO: Sierra Interfaith Action For Peace
What: Ten part Engage non-violent living workshop
When: Beginning on September 19th from 6:00p to 8:00p
Where: Reno Friends Meeting House (497 Highland Avenue, Reno, NV 89512)

To register for the course, contact Shane Piccinini at (775) 857-1231 or you can e-mail:

Registration fee is a suggested donation of twenty-five dollars.

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