October 27, 2007

Rural Democrats Engage High School Students

Rural Democrats are stepping up and moving in their communities!

Churchill County:

High school students learn about the election process (Lahontan Valley News)

About 75 Churchill County High School seniors learned about the presidential caucus process on Tuesday in the high school cafeteria.

The Churchill County Democrats were in charge of holding the mock caucus with the high school seniors.

Cynthia Trigg of the Churchill County Democrats told the students that most of them will be 18 or older by November of next year and will be allowed to vote for the next president.


Shane Groover, a CCHS senior, said he was looking forward to the election because he will be old enough to vote.

"I think it is interesting. I got to help choose the nomination," he said of the mock exercise. "I kind of learned how delegates are chosen with the math."

Maggie Nelson, another high school senior, said she enjoyed learning how the Nevada caucus works.

"I knew there were different precincts, but I did not know there were different stages," she said.

Nelson said the mock caucus has encouraged her to take part in the actual event in January.

Alicia Perazzo, a high school senior who is a Republican, said she now knows how the process works. She said did not know how the process worked before taking part in the mock caucus exercise.

"We were organized into different groups and got to voice opinions and elect delegates," she said.
Lyon County:
Senior students developing "candidates" for mock caucus (Fernley Courier)

Students at Lyon County public schools will be involved choosing their "favorite candidates" for President as part of a mock caucus being conducted next Wednesday, Oct. 24, in Silver Springs.

The mock caucus involving senior U.S. government students is scheduled from 9-11 a.m. at the Silver Stage High School gym for the five high schools in the Lyon County School District.

The mock caucus idea was initiated by the Lyon County Democratic Central Committee although the mock caucus (called mockuses in some instances) will be nonpartisan and involve fictional candidates developed by the high school students and Republican Party officials could also participate.
I'll be on the lookout for Keith Trout's follow-up article, but word is that the event was very successful and helped our future citizens to understand the process and the vital part they play in it.

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