November 30, 2007

Dueling polls

Earlier today I received an email from the Biden campaign that said this:

Breaking news! A new ARG poll, released this morning, shows our campaign surging past Bill Richardson in Iowa and closing in on the front-runners (Biden 8% - Richardson 4%).
Later in the day the Richardson campaign sent me an email saying this:
We just got a download from our pollster Paul Maslin on how things stand in Iowa. I wanted to pass it on to you before the weekend because things are developing quickly.

First of all, the news is very good. But you're going to have to follow me a little on how to make sense of the data.

What it shows is a statistical tie between Clinton, Obama and Edwards in the low 20s. And Bill Richardson is fourth at 15%.
What? It can't be both. I can't figure out what poll Bill Richardson is quoting from (internal?), but this makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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