November 10, 2007

I just got polled

Aside from the usual stuff about who I was supporting in the caucus and the general, what I thought of the Nevada caucus itself, there were only two questions that were asked of me regarding national policy:

  1. Do you think the number of illegal immigrants in this county is (a) too high (b) just right (c) too low.
  2. Do you think state governments should be allowed to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants?
I refused to answer either question. But I can guess who is paying for the poll.

1 comment:

Not Your Mama said...

1. I think the number of citizen @sshats in this country is too high.

2. Nah. I think we ought to just eliminate drivers licenses for everyone so we can all play highway roller derby.

3. "I just got polled" sounds vaguely naughty. I like that.

4. I'm just playing CLS....have to laugh as I begin another week of watching our economy implode and attempt to fend off the massive depression that is trying to eat my brain.