November 23, 2007

Mason Valley News on Hillary's visit to Fernley

Our local papers come out weekly, so we had to wait a bit to see the local coverage of Hillary's visit to Lyon County last Friday.

Patrick Abanathy of the Mason Valley News pens this article. Nice. It touches on most of what Senator Clinton spoke about. I really liked this:

As for health care and the national deficit, Clinton said the word "can't" should not enter Americans' vocabulary when it comes to improving the two systems.

She said the nation needs to return to fiscal responsibility rather than borrowing from other countries such as China and increasing the national debt.

She also said there is no reason to believe the health care system cannot be fixed.

"We're Americans," she said. "(Fixing such problems) is what we are supposed to do."
She got quite a positive reaction from the crowd when she said, "You can't wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time."

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