November 23, 2007

Obama organizer takes dump on Nevada Caucus



Desert Beacon said...

'Liked your comment. Five days and the author is a Expert! The problem may lie in the nature of the Obama campaign? I sat in on an Obama presentation in rural Nevada a couple of weeks back, and was singularly unimpressed; the volunteer was enthusiastic but arrived unprepared to discuss water, ranching, and mining issues. Needless to say what the audience got was "Obama listens and I'll take these questions back..." Not exactly the way to impress rural voters in Northern Nevada, nor to get them out on caucus day.

Mike said...

Interesting bit of confusion about
the total number of caucus attendees in 2004. I do know that there were around 1500 votes cast at Wooster High then. (Washoe County.) I'll double check the VAN for that. There would be only some slippage in numbers there, due to the recording of MV (people moving away).

OTHERWISE, a sharp and good analysis.

cls said...

Mike, the VAN may not give you all the numbers you need as data getting INTO the VAN back then was sometimes inconsistent. As I recall, word from Clark County was that it was crazy when about 5,000 people showed up (completely unexpected). They had to move the caucus out to the high school football field (from the gym) to accommodate them all, and due to John Kerry's late arrival (2 hours), a good portion of them left. Not sure if the straw poll was taken before or after his arrival though.