November 18, 2007

Promised pictures of Hillary in Fernley

First off, The Crowd. RGJ says 500. Uh. No. Capacity in the room is 947. We were over that and the campaign count of about 1,250 feels about right. The place was packed to the very back and the fire marshall made us clear the aisles. From left to right (3 pics).

Left side:



Frankie Sue warms up the crowd:

After running back to D.C. to vote on the farm bill, Hillary flew back to Nevada to keep her commitment to us, and at about 7:15ish arrived at East Valley Elementary. Clauda Fadness, principal of the school (and Hillary supporter), and I got to meet Senator Clinton before going on stage.

Then - curtain up and the Main Event begins. (Claudia and I were nervous!!)

First me. I got positive reviews from folks afterwards about what and how I said it, but at the time, I thought I was stumbling along.

What I prepared:

I am supporting Hillary Clinton for President because she won me over. When I started to look at all the candidates I decided that I was going to keep an open mind and that I wasn't going to listen to what everyone else was saying. I wasn't going to believe everything I heard without finding out for myself. So, I took a good look at all the candidates. Their proposals, experience and record, and after doing all of that I came to realize that Hillary is the one candidate who has the experience, the ability, the brains and the heart to lead this country into the 21st century.

She has run a positive campaign that has focused on the issues that concern all of us in this room. She has solid proposals for health care for all, for energy independence, for rural America (and that really affects us!), strengthening the middle class and on and on.

And while others talk about working together, even with people you may not always agree with, Hillary has actually done it. For years.

For these reasons, and so many others, I have pledge my support to Hillary Clinton and have volunteered to be a Precinct Captain in my precinct in Silver Springs.
Then I made a pitch for support in the caucus and for precinct volunteers and then introduced Claudia.

Claudia eloquently spoke of community and the things that unite us, and introduced Senator Clinton.

And then it was Hillary's turn. She spoke about families and children, education, energy independence, growing jobs, strengthening the middle class, and health care. If I can find the text of her remarks somewhere I will post them (not sure if that's available).

After a short Q & A, Hillary worked the rope line for what seemed like forever. My goodness that woman is working hard for every vote!

As people left and I collected commitment cards at the door, I didn't see a single sour face. It was clear to me that she connected with the crowd.

The next day, my husband said to me that he thought she was at her best when talking about families and kids and how things used to be and can be again. I think he saw something he hadn't really been aware of before. This is Hillary's strength, and why she will win.

More pictures from the event can be found here:

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